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                    SHEN ?Jun

                    Name:申峻 SHEN Jun


                    Major SelectionChemical Engineering and Technology   

                    Research InterestCoal Clean Technology; Modification of Coal Tar Pitch; Solid Waste Reusability



                    [1]     Jun Shen*, Zhizhong Wang, Huai-wang Yang and Run-sheng Yao. A new technology for producing hydrogen and adjustable ratio syngas from coke oven gas. Energy & Fuels 2007, 21(6): 3588-3592

                    [2]     J. Shen*;  Z. D. Liu;  Z. Z. Wang;  H. W. Yang; R. S. Yao.CH4-Rich Gas in Coke Oven Gas Partial Oxidation for Producing Syngas with Coke or Semi-Coke Support. International Journal of Green Energy 2008, 5(5): 413 - 421

                    [3]     Jun Shen, Xiao-Shan Wang, Manuel Garcia-Perez, Daniel Mourant, Martin J Rhodes, Chun-Zhu Li. Effects of particle size on the fast pyrolysis of oil mallee woody biomass. Fuel 2009, 88(10), 1810-1817

                    [4]     J. SHEN*. Co-carbonization of two weakly-caking coals with a fat coal or two pitches. Energy Sources, Part A, 2012 ,34(9) :839–850

                    [5]     Jun Shen*, Xiong-lei Wang, Yan-xia Niu**, Gang Liu, Qing-tao Sheng, Yu-gao Wang. Combustion properties and toxicity analysis of coal gasification tar residue. Journal of Cleaner Production 2016, 139, 567-575 

                    [6]     Yu-Gao Wang, Ze-Shi Niu, Jun Shen?, Lei Bai, Yan-Xia Niu, Xian-Yong Wei, Rui-Feng Li, Jun Zhang, Wen-Yi Zou. Extraction of direct coal liquefaction residue using dipropylamine as a CO2-triggered switchable solvent. Fuel Processing Technology 2017,159,27-30

                    [7]     Yan-xia Niu, Xiong-lei Wang, Jun Shen*, Qing-tao Sheng, Gang Liu, Chang Li, Yu-gao Wang. Separation of coal gasification tar residue by solvent extracting. Separation and Purification Technology 2017,188,98-104

                    [8]     Yong-hui Feng, Yu-gao Wang, Gang Liu, Jun Shen*, Rui-feng Li, Jian-kui Du, Zhi-feng Yang, Qing-bai Xu. Modification of coal-tar pitch with 10-Undecenal to reduce the content of environmental pollutants of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Journal of Cleaner Production 2018, 172, 2544-2552

                    [9]     Ze-Shi Niu, Yu-Gao Wang, Jun Shen*, Yan-Xia Niu, Gang Liu, Wei Zhao, Xian-Yong Wei. Insight into aromatic structures of a middle-temperature coal tar pitch by direct characterization and ruthenium ion-catalyzed oxidation. Fuel 2019,241,1164–1171

                    ?Taiyuan University of Technology

                    Taiyuan University of Technology,No.79 West Street Yingze,Taiyuan,Shanxi,P.R.China 030024

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