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                    WEI Yinghui








                    WEI Yinghui

                    professor, president of Taiyuan University of Science and Technology.


                    Research Direction (研究方向)

                    (1) Design of the advanced materials

                    (2) Corrosion and protection of metallic materials



                    [1] Feng Yang, Ze-ying Yan, Ying-hui Wei*, Yong-gang Li, Huan Wei, Li-feng Hou*, Fabrication of surface porous Mg-Al alloys with different microstructure in a neutral aqueous solution, Corrosion Science, 130 (2018) 138-142.

                    [2] Feng Yang, Yonggang Li, Yinghui Wei*, Huan Wei, Zeying Yan, Lifeng Hou, Electrochemical synthesis of a surface-porous Mg 70.5 Al 29.5 eutectic alloy in a neutral aqueous NaCl solution. Applied Surface Science, 435, (2018): 1246-1248.

                    [3] Jia Xing, Yinghui Wei*, Lifeng Hou. An Overview of the Effects of Alloying Elements on the Properties of Lightweight Fe-(15–35) Mn-(5–12) Al-(0.3–1.2) C Steel. JOM, 2018: 1-9.

                    [4] Huan Wei, Lifeng Hou, Yanchao Cui, Yinghui Wei*. Effect of Ti content on corrosion behavior of Cu-Ti alloys in 3.5% NaCl solution. Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China, 2018, 28(4): 669-675.

                    [5] Liu Xiaoda, Yin Ming, Zhang Shaohua, Wei Huan, Liu Baosheng, Du Huayun, Hou, Lifeng, Wei Yinghui*, Corrosion Behavior of the As-Cast and As-Solid Solution Mg-Al-Ge Alloy, MATERIALS, 11 (10) (2018):1812-1821.

                    [6] Zhang Shaohua, Hou Lifeng, Wei Huan, Wei Yinghui, Liu Baosheng, Failure analysis of an oil pipe wall perforated by pitting corrosion, MATERIALS AND CORROSION-WERKSTOFFE UND KORROSION, 69 (8) (2018):1123-1130.

                    [7]Wei Huan, Cui Yanchao, Cui Huiqi, Zhou Caizhi, Hou Lifeng, Wei Ying Hui, Evolution of grain refinement mechanism in Cu-4wt.%Ti alloy during surface mechanical attrition treatment, JOURNAL OF ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS, 763 (2018): 835-843.

                    [8] Li Xu, Li Yang, Wei Yinghui, Hou Lifeng, Liu Baosheng, Qu Hongbo, Wang Yide, Effect of surface self-nanocrystallization and Si infiltration on Si diffusion behavior, hardness and magnetic properties of pure Fe, Journal of Iron and Steel Research International, 2018,25:923-931.

                    [9]Huan Wei, Yanchao Cui, Huiqi Cui, Yinghui Wei, Lifeng Hou, Effects of multiple trace alloying elements on the microstrcuture and properties of Cu-4wt.%Ti alloys, Materials Science and Engineering A, 707(2017) 392-398. SCI收录/二区)

                    [10]Lifeng Hou, Massimo Raveggi, Xiao-Bo Chen, Wanqiang Xu, Kevin J. Laws, Yinghui Wei*, Michael Ferry, Nick Birbilis, Investigating the passivity and dissolution of a corrosion resistant Mg-33at.%Li alloy in aqueous chloride using online ICP-MS, Journal of Electrochemical Society, 2016,163(6):C324-329.

                    [11] Lifeng Hou, Ning Dang, Haiyan Yang, Baosheng Liu, Yonggang Li, YinghuiWei*, Xiao-Bo Chen, A Combined Inhibiting Effect of Sodium Alginate and Sodium Phosphate on the Corrosion of Magnesium Alloy AZ31 in NaCl Solution, Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 2016,163 (8): C486-C494

                    [12] Liang M, Wei Y*, Hou L, et al. Fabrication of a super-hydrophobic surface on a magnesium alloy by a simple method [J]. Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 2016, 656: 311-317.

                    [13] Wang, H., Wei, Y.*, Liang, M., Hou, L., Li, Y., & Guo, C. Fabrication of stable and corrosion-resisted super-hydrophobic film on Mg alloy. Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 2016,509, 351-358.

                    [14] Huan Wei, Ying-hui Wei*, Li-feng Hou, Ning Dang, Correlation of ageing precipitates with the corrosion behaviour of Cu-4wt.%Ti alloys in 3.5wt.%NaCl solution, Corrosion Science, 2016111):382-390.

                    [15] Lifeng Hou, Yinghui Wei*, Xuefeng Shu, Bingshe Xu. Nanocrystalline structure of magnesium alloys subjected to high energy shot peening, Journal of Alloys and Compounds,2010,4921-2):347-350

                    [16]Li Yong-gang, Wei Ying-hui*, Hou Li-feng et al. Fabrication and compressive behaviour of an aluminium foam composite, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 2015, 649:76-81

                    [17]Li Yong-gang, Wei Ying-hui*, Hou Li-feng, et al. Fabrication of a surface-porous magnesium-aluminium alloy, Electrochemistry Communications, 2014, 46:94-98

                    [18]Li Yong-gang, Wei Ying-hui*, Hou Li-feng, et al. Atmospheric corrosion of AM60 Mg alloys in an industrial city environment, Corrosion Science, 2013, 69:67-76

                    [19] Huayun Du, Yinghui Wei*, Wanming Lin, Lifeng Hou, et al. One way of surface alloying treatment on iron surface based on surface mechanical attrition treatment and heat treatment, Applied Surface Science, 2009,2558660-8666

                    [20] Li-jing Yang, Ying-hui Wei*, Li-feng Hou, Di Zhang. Corrosion behaviour of Die-cast AZ91D magnesium alloy in aqueous sulphate solutions, Corrosion Science, 2010,522):345-351


                    Major Selection (招生专业)

                    Materials Science and Engineering


                    Contact: (联系方式)



                    Address: College of Materials Science and Engineering, Taiyuan University of Technology, No.79 West Yingze Street, Taiyuan, Shanxi, China


                    ?Taiyuan University of Technology

                    Taiyuan University of Technology,No.79 West Street Yingze,Taiyuan,Shanxi,P.R.China 030024

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